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Interested in a career in film? Insider says go for it
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Canada has some great film schools, both in terms of universities and trade schools. I want to get into the filming industry and I am still in high school, grade I did my research and found out about how it is hard it to get a guarantee job. I wanted to know which university is highly preferred for the filming field that also help you find jobs. I checked out education requirements and it was said that I have to take science.

I wanted to know from chemistry and biology, which courses do I take? What I would like to know is how to find funding for a really controversial and political short and other than film festivals, are there any venues for showing such a beast? Jo — I have plans to interview a couple of writers for the blog — both film and television. Hopefully that will help. Since then I have been working on my own films, as well as doing a bit of acting and writing as much as possible. How does someone get in on the ground floor of the Script department and how would you advise I promote my scripts to potential film makers?

Want to Work for Kate Middleton? Here's Your Insider's Guide - TheStreet

Check back soon. What is the difference between all the different variety of producer credits? Executive, associate, etc.? Cut a trailer and shop it around along with my treatment? You must be logged in to post a comment. NFB Blog. What do you want to know? Add a new comment. Log in to Reply. And they will eat your lunch.

Again, these seven journalists command thousands of dollars in appearance fees speaking at late-night dinners, awards shows and universities and colleges. I really want you to learn from the best. Why wait to get started when you could literally access this entire training today and be on your way to the journalism career of your dreams tomorrow? If you really apply yourself, you can do that.

Take a full 60 days, and use all the advice we give you. And all without any risk! But, this offer is only for a limited time. And you get so much more. I want you to do that.

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I want you to be part of a great life in journalism, because I know Insider Journalism Secrets is going to help you! So why wait to get started when you could literally access this entire package today and start applying its teachings right away? Thank you again for reading. Toggle navigation. Simple, mind-blowing techniques to get you the journalism career you want. Even without a college degree. Insider Journalism Secrets is a tested, proven way to get you the journalism career you want.

Submitting to Film Festivals

The second group is using old, antiquated strategies. Unfortunately, like most, they think this is the way to get a journalism job. For them, a dream journalism career was never a possibility. But the first group of people — the winners — decided to take matters into their own hands.

The Film Lab - Job Guide: How to get a Production Assistant Job

They used the Insider Journalism Secrets techniques to leapfrog past the second group even in the same terrible economy. The winners — some of whom never even went to college — focused on what they could control and ignored old, useless advice. James Swanwick Hi there. I now teach journalism graduates and journalist wannabes how to get jobs in journalism and create an awesome career. I used to be a shy, awkward high school student with average grades, no journalism experience and no prospects. But I quickly went to being read by millions of people around the world and hosting a national TV show.

I went from being jobless, directionless and not fulfilling my dreams, to a life filled with adventure. How did I do it? But I promise you what I learned will work for you, too. Sound familiar? But you know what? The more resumes I sent in, the more rejections I got. It felt to me like landing a journalism job, when I had zero journalism experience, and being in the middle of a tough economy, was virtually impossible. You got BAD advice!

The days of sending in resumes and hoping for the best are over! They are dead! The days of listening to old, antiquated advice are over! My story is probably very similar to your own. Budgets at newspapers, radio and television stations are being cut. Journalists are losing their jobs, newsrooms and production departments have been downsized. I remember the first time the worry started for me. I was in the 12th grade and just like today, the economy was lousy. In fact, we were living in a recession.

Reality TV Seminar: An Insider's Guide to TV's Hottest Market

But how was I going to get a job when there were only a few jobs to go around? Again, sound familiar? Plus, journalism courses at colleges and online degrees cost thousands of dollars and sometimes take up to four years to complete. Before I invested all this money and committed to all that time of study, I learned a simple fact that helped me get my first journalism job.

It was a reporting position on a Rupert Murdoch-owned broadsheet newspaper. And, I landed that job right out of high school at just years-old! Years later, understanding this same fact, I snagged an awesome job as a sports reporter for Sky Sports in London. After that, I ran my own news agency where hundreds of journalists around the world worked for me!

I mean, I moved from kick-ass journalism job to journalism job with ease. And you know what? I did it all knowing one simple thing When I first realized what this one simple thing was, I was astounded.

I mean, amazed. And over the years, I saw further evidence of this simple thing everywhere I looked in the journalism world. What was it that I learned? How did I consistently achieve journalism success? Well, I embraced the one truth that hardly anyone who wants to be a journalist knows. Here it is: The best way to get a journalism job is to NOT take a journalism course! Now that may come as a total shock to you. Remember, I got a job writing for a major newspaper before I ever took one journalism course at college, before I ever picked up one journalism text book and before I ever studied for one journalism exam.

In fact, far from it. Not only that, journalism school costs thousands of dollars!

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In many cases, it will take four years of fulltime study, only for you to come out at the other end with a degree which has practically no value in the real world. You CAN get a job now. Without the degree. It turned out that with minimal training in entertainment journalism he was living the high life in LA meeting celebrities and writing for outlets all over the world. Thanks, James! No more wasted job interviews, ever! Read how Hollywood actor, Joaquin Phoenix, reacted, when I asked him one of them!

This trick alone will save you days of lost productivity.

I have been seen on or in:

This little-known piece of advice could mean big bucks! You get all of that and a whole lot more! In six months from now, you can be in the same job, doing your same course, feeling the same old frustrations. And the best part is, i f I can do it — so can you! Bonus 1: Insider Journalism Secrets audio series. And finally, a third bonus. Imagine beind read, seen or heard by million s Now, imagine your work being read by millions around the world and seeing your name in print.

Blunt, honest answers to your toughest journalism job search questions. For me, it reinforces why my personality suits journalism and highlights the possibilities that being a journalist gives people. The crossover between Australia, the UK and America gives a nice broad appeal to people from all of these countries.

A great book! I learned so much from it. For anyone wanting a job in journalism, this will literally turn everything you think you know on its head. Not everybody wants to change their lives.