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Would there be anything for Jen to eat? Or would we be getting second-rate substitutions and missing out on the highlights? Not long after dropping our bags at the hotel, we headed to Exultate, a punk-themed pizzeria on a lively square deep in the labyrinthine city center that I first came across on a visit to Genoa a few years ago. For an extra 1. The only thing off-limits was the long and varied beer list, a rarity for Italy. Its specialty is seafood, but I was desperate to share a genuine pesto genovese, which I had been raving about for years, with Jen and two friends.

The owner, Immacolata di Nocci, was happy to accommodate us, offering gluten-free fusilli rather than the more traditional hand-rolled trofie a short, twisty Genoese specialty. The only catch, Ms. And so, soon all four of us were digging into a family style platter of the fusilli in a creamy, emerald-green sauce made from young basil plucked from the hills outside the city. There were no complaints. Underlying that sort of flexibility is an emotional resonance you may not find elsewhere. In Italy, not being able to stomach wheat is more than an inconvenience or fad diet.

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That resonance has translated to an institutional empathy that might shock Americans. In central Turin, I asked a bespectacled pharmacist what packages of corn pasta, rice-flour cookies and specially formulated focaccia were doing hanging next to his dark wood counter.

There have been similar strides in the world of dining out. Since , the AiC has offered training and certification for restaurants, bars and hotels. Combined with your favorite mashed potatoes recipe , these green veggies are to die for. You can whip up this dessert in a half hour, but you can even make it up to two days in advance.

It's vegan, too! This gravy calls for a special ingredient — the pan drippings from your Golden Herb-Roasted Turkey.

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You'll instantly fall in love with this one because when it comes to side dishes, the creamier the better. Just pile on that cocoa powder. It may be messy, but it's totally worth it for a slice of this cake. Here's a simple yet flavorful approach to roasting the bird — it'll be hard to mess this one up! You really can't go wrong with butternut squash on your fall dinner menus.

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Type keyword s to search. Updated here is a great list of many of my favorite gluten free travel snacks. I literally never leave home without something on me to eat. If you are coming to Korea for a short or long stay, make sure and call the airline and request a gluten free meal.

Make sure you do this a week or so before your flight and then confirm 48 hours in advance. I have failed on this one on more than one occasion. Love this post or know someone that needs it? Use the buttons to the right to share on social media! I truly cannot emphasis this enough.

Details of medical expenses

Even if you express that you are allergic to wheat as celiac is not commonly diagnosed here , people do not understand that you cannot eat soy sauce. Want the simplest drag and drop plug-in for WordPress site? Get started with Thrive Themes today! I wish I knew about this platform earlier! You might be wondering is bibimbap gluten free? Bibimbap , is a dish made from steamed rice and topped with veggies.

It is served in a hot dish and topped with a fried egg on top.

Gluten-Free Living

Eggs are not my friends, so I order without that pesky egg on top. It is absolutely delicious and a Korean staple. Bibimbap is a Korean staple, but not always gluten free. When it arrives, stir it all together to avoid too much rice sticking to the bottom of the bowl. Sometimes the dish differs slightly, as some places will top with meat.

Sadly, this will make your bibimbap not gluten-free. If it has vegetables, you need to ensure that they have not been dipped in soy sauce. More often than not, gochujang red pepper paste is served in the bowl, again make it not gluten free.

Not sure what to cook?

You will want to ask for gochujang opshee without red pepper paste. This has been my absolute saving grace so far this year without a doubt. I spend more money on food than I ever have in my life, but it is percent worth it. I can order almost anything and everything that I had back home in Denver. And the best news? Have you tried it? It makes for a good laugh, but not so much actual information when you need to know what ingredients are in your food. Yours truly, One incredibly happy celiac expat. Produce can be expensive in this country. However, after living in Korea for a few months, I finally figured out that you really need to buy at the food markets or only buy in season. If you stick to this principle, you will not completely break your bank account and you will be able to eat the freshest and best produce in town. Fruits and veggies at the market. When it happens you ask? Who knows. I use Gmarket for things like laundry detergent or anything heavy. Living on the 4th floor with no elevator, I opt for delivery whenever possible.

I also am able to buy fruits and veggies on Gmarket, often at ridiculously low prices. Don't have time to read? Pin to read later!

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If you are a vegetarian, I truly am sorry as this is the only meal I eat out consistently. It is the dream for us gluten free folks. There are lies on the internet that all Korean BBQ meat is marinated and you will not be able to eat it.