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It had been made clear to me from the start that the author wanted the cover not only to characterise the story itself, but also to embody her own personality. She expressed her desires for it to be girly, with vintage style themes, and pastel colours. Hence my choices to include filigree framework, to make the tea cup a proper vintage looking china cup and saucer, to make the scissors more ornate.

I had them back to back, looking suspiciously over their shoulders at the other; Jazz looking a bit cheeky, Poppy looking more serious. I had Jazz slouching, hip out, hand in pocket, to show her attitude, while poppy stood straight, trying to be taller, arms crossed, all in attempt to render their personalities. I had come to what I believed to be a good end point, having drawn, scanned and re-worked the images in Photoshop. I had added the text, a colour backdrop, it was composed perfectly above. But upon sending this final design to the author, I was given several more points for change, to make it perfect in her eyes.

As frustrating as it was for me to redo a lot of work, she was right! Their clothes needed to be different; to really show their personalities. The background needed to extend to the edge of the page. The text had to be coloured. The people had to be coloured. Poppy needed to be shorter. It really did. All it came down to then was the colours. I originally created the whole thing in a duck-egg blue scheme; my personal favourite. But I had to give Mrs Barnard more colourways to choose from.

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The results were pleasing, and in the end Mrs Barnard chose the blue with pink text. I was then told she also needed a spine image and back cover image. Off-putting, crude and pointless. I was looking for light-hearted froth, not the sort of language used by rugby players. View all 3 comments. This was so a cute, fun read.

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I thought it was a hoot. Plagiarises the sitcom FRIENDS all the way throughout the book, i can't believe it was ever published, the protagonist is very unlikeable too. Terrible book. Jul 06, iamnotabookworm rated it really liked it Shelves: ebooks , authors-review-request. I also read it last year, just haven't gotten around to posting a review. I was supposed to review the other books but it turned out I didn't have any pictures yet so I have to just review another one. I chose this book because this was so fun when I read it. This is a romantic comedy set in the UK. Yes, the voices of the characters when I was reading this were in British.

The main character of the story is Poppy. Honestly, I am not sure if I like Poppy. Her character is not exactly the most admirable book character I have encountered but she had her good points too.

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Most of the time, I feel sorry for Poppy, especially with her obnoxious Mom. She can't seem to be honest with her Mom or if she did try, she was brushed aside. Yes, it seemed like it's so easy for people to not take her seriously and walk over her. Poor Poppy. Even her best friend, Jazz, seems to not take Poppy seriously sometimes, though she loves Poppy dearly.

All in all, this was a fun read yet there would be times that you would feel irritated with the way the characters are acting. Sometimes you want to knock on their heads to put sense into the them.

Poppy and Jazz' characters are not exactly lovable but you will feel like you want to get involved in their lives and help them. That's how the story was to me. I felt like wanting to be one of the characters and tell Poppy to stand up for herself and tell Jazz to grew a pair and start becoming a responsible adult. Good thing that these two actually developed and become better people by the end of the story.

But a lot has to happen, mostly to Poppy, to make her see that people have been walking all over her and she just let them. One of the most delicate situations in this story was the one involving infidelity and the people involved are related to Poppy. She had caught the cheating couple and the dilemma is to tell the partners of these two what's going on. If I were Poppy, I would have told my brother. The truth will surely hurt and maybe destroy their marriage but I won't stand and just let my brother be made a fool.

I think the flaw in Poppy's character is that she was unsure of herself, which most of us are also. But then again, even so, we have to know our strengths also. We have to know our values. What things do we love most and we should stand up for those things. We shouldn't let people just trample on them or destroy them. Somewhere, we have to draw the line where being nice and being such a pushover ends.

But then, some people don't even realize that they've been taken advantage of. That they've been made a doormat. I guess, if I were one of Poppy's friends, I would have told her already. Of all the characters here, only one person was honest and cared enough to tell Poppy.

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It was Ryan. I would have done the same thing Ryan did.

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I would tell Poppy over and over how she's encouraging people to walk all over here. She should push back. I know her heart is in the right place but sometimes you have to tell people off. I am just happy that at the end, it all worked out for Poppy. As I have said, Poppy is not the best character I've ever read but the whole book was entertaining that even if I have to read it again for the second time to make sure that I write my review right, it still felt like reading it for the first time.

It was as entertaining as I remembered it. And that means a lot to me because I don't exactly reread books. To me rereading books either mean two things- one is I didn't understand the story or the book wasn't very memorable. The other is there is a need for me to read the story again because I badly needed to be reminded of how the story made me feel and I needed to feel that emotion in that very moment.

There are stories that I have to reread because I needed to feel good about myself. I very rarely reread books. I reread this book because I am unsure of some of the details.

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Again, not liking Poppy's character so much, I had to be reminded of why I felt that way. With that said, I am not saying that this is not a worthy read. It is. I enjoyed it so much and the fact that Poppy's character bothers me so much is in itself evidence that the story got to me. Me being involved in Poppy's well-being is saying that I do care for Poppy although I wished she were firmer in her convictions. Maybe it won't be that bad to fancy someone a little bit. It might actually be good for me.

He might be like medicine to me, a bit of a remedy. I just hope he doesn't turn out to be poison. Sorry, it took me a years to write the review. Mar 14, Victoria Robinson rated it really liked it. I have had this on my kindle for YEARS, when I first bought my kindle I downloaded loads of free ebooks and this was one of them but I had never got round to reading it. Having said that, I do need to get my hands on the sequel ASAP to see where their story goes because I do feel that they would be able to help each other heal from previous relationships- if they get everything out in the open that is.

Oct 25, Romaine Heart rated it it was amazing. Jazz has been irresponsible with her finances and no job. Her mother has cut her off. Poppy is a people pleasurer, responsible and a major clutz. They decide to switch places and live each others lives. The hilarious comedy starts. Poppy tries to do the right things but constantly gets herself in trouble. She makes new friends with Jazz's housemates.

Poppy has a major crush on her housemate, Ryan, and her ex Stuart is begging her to come back. The author's creative imagination keeps ypu intrigued Jazz has been irresponsible with her finances and no job. The author's creative imagination keeps ypu intrigued with the well written storyline and lovable characters.

If you are looking for a hilarious romantic comedy then I strongly recommend this book! Jan 05, Louise White rated it really liked it Shelves: reading-challenge. Witty and funny The cover on this book is really unique and matches the story perfectly. This is a really funny and witty story, with so many moments that felt like my life, reading sections that had me smiling and nodding. Poppy and Jazz are best mates who have a bit of a life swap in order to help each other out. We follow Poppy and all of her mishaps, she has a natural way of getting into trouble and messing things up, in hilarious fashion.

At times I found myself frustrated with her for mess Witty and funny The cover on this book is really unique and matches the story perfectly. At times I found myself frustrated with her for messing things up and digging herself into a hole, but deep down she is a loveable character. Dec 26, Claire Thake rated it it was amazing Shelves: to-read-again-favourites , , four-brits-book-fest Oh my how I loved this book!

This was the first book I had read of Laura's and it most definitely won't be the last! Poppy was one of the best characters I have ever read, she had me in fits of laughter several times and was just so relatable! I thought the outcome of this book was quite predictable however mixed with the humour and the great style of writing it was very enjoyable and kept me hooked the whole way through. I would love to have a friend like Jazz in real life as she was so funny a Oh my how I loved this book! I would love to have a friend like Jazz in real life as she was so funny and unpredictable and there would never be a dull moment!

I cannot wait to dive into the rest of the series to see what else is in store for Poppy and Jazz, as I can imagine it would be rather colourful!

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It may have taken me two attempts at reading this, but I can honestly say that wasn't due to the content. This advice, by the way, comes directly from my own experience. Even so I kept writing for them, because I was afraid of "losing a big client.

WOODWARD: White House Got Caught Flatfooted, Senate Was A Doormat In Debt Ceiling Deal

Finally, I got fed up enough that I had my lawyer send them a letter threatening legal action. Heck, no. So here's the lesson: if you let a customer use you as a doormat, they'll continue to use you as a doormat. It's only when you stand up and say: "cut the BS right now and fulfill your commitments" that you get respect Like this post? Like this column? Sign up to subscribe to email alerts and you'll never miss a post. The opinions expressed here by Inc.